the new packaging.

we here at mosey handmade are so exited to be going to the renegade craft fair this year! we were there back in 06 and were such newbies we didn't really know what we were in for! now we are gearing up for table decorations and organization and also mosey perfect packaging.
here is our first try!


littlebyRD said...

Very nice packaging! I wish I could go to the fair and see it in person. Good luck!

jenifer74 said...

06 was my second year - wow - renegade is amazing. i'm doing it too but this year my bff is running my booth. she lives in brooklyn and it made so much more sense for her to do it rather than me fly...but i shall miss that scene for sure. and meeting you - bummer!

woolies said...

fabulous packaging!
wish we had a renegade out here.