something blue.

i wanted to share a little something on a more personal note!
okay- yes we all know i am getting married in 16 weeks. i use the weeks method to scare myself into gear - my mom thinks it's crazy and just keeps saying "you know that means you still have 4 months!" i know mom- but i need to be scared.
when my mom was visiting form the east coast a few weeks back we did a TON of wedding planning. i realized in part i was stuck because i didn't WANT to do it without my mom - who lives a mere 2,500 miles across the land.
well we really got a lot done. including, but not limited too, my registry.
just a wee bit of backround:
i consider myself a pretty green girl. and a pretty low-key-mostly girl.
my beloved and i strive to live the good life, you know.
when i was a kid and after my parents went there seperate ways i ended up touring the eastern and southern most parts of the states in a vw bus camping all the way with my dad and brother. my dad finally settled in the northern most points east and we camped out until our house was built. (it's an amazing post and beam made by my dad's own hands!)
but: i spent many a summer vacation, long weekend, every other christmas and alla the school holidays in sunny northern california. where mom and grandma and great-grandma and all the aunts showed me the finer points of life.
like shopping - lots of it.
i would always come back to maine with these great outfits- and first the kids would be like - "um..woa!" and then the'd be like-"can you get me that"?
anyway this is all a long way at explaining why and how i arrived at registering at macy's.
i grew up spending saturday afternoons between there and bloomies, eating lunch at the now defunct bloomingdale's cafe...i loved it.
i love lunching with my posses of ladies in the late afternoon after a good shop.
it's a guilty pleasure- can you tell?
i can still remember when they would "swipe" the card manually in this great machine and hand you over one carbon copy of three.
infact i still have my great-grandmothers "famous&barr"store card, tucked neatly into the back of my wallet for good luck- it expired in the early eighties.
pause-this is getting to be a really long post!
and i say:
we need a break and then i'll be posting part two: all about my HANDMADE REGISTRY.
take a deep breath and let your mind rest.
and forgive the ramble of one with too much black tea.


Arasay Ontaguemay said...

I'm excited to hear about the handmade registry!

Ravenhill said...

This sounds most intruiging!

I too battle between the side of me that loves to window shop and occasionally buy and the green side of me!

jenifer74 said...

seriously, a vw bus? we own 3. yes, too many, but my husband has a nasty habit and it our "thing" - camping out in the bus.

also, i spent a lot of summers in new england, maine included. and now i live in northern cali, SF.

we must meet one day :)