for otter~mamma

she listed it this way:
"funky - baby - wardrobe - revival"
and all whilst i was sewing it was on repeat in my head.
i know spring is here and summer is fast at it's heels but can i just say one last time:
I LOVE WOOL. esp. felted upcycled wool sweaters. dare i say i am already looking forward to next years woolies?
alright, alright- i won't say it anymore, you never know when in new england the winds might change and suddenly it's snowing in may.
good thing ottermama lives in the cool and chilly and damp pacific northewest.
cozy up baby!
p.s. see more of this collection here.

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littlebyRD said...

Fabulous! All of it. I also love the wintery stuff and find myself making it year round. There is just someithng so special about wool - I love your creations!