the new unit.

okay...so now i am rethinking snowmen. or at least why i suddenly love them so much...and then my grandmother reminds me that that old frosty cartoon movie..i knew all the songs and was especially concerned with his two eyes made out of coal...and that i won a contest in kindergarten by drawing a snowman which then appeared on the school play program. i'll have to dig that out and take a look at it- i'm sure my dad has it filed away somewhere.
so these are the new guys. and they have new hats, and new scarves, and new eyes made out of coal...well almost.
i got some of the felt on mad sale and decided to try dyeing it myself- wow- what a thing to love!


bird of a feather on etsy

colorada has some great things for sale in her etsy shop. her colors are bright and beautiful and you can tell she puts much time (and a touch of whimsy into her designs)
i love her bird skirts and you will to! to see more of her work click here.


what else is been keeping me busy!

dear david at kaiju big battle hooked me up with this gig.
i'm up to my elbows in plantain brothers but i think they are turning out oh so cute and i love the way 'limited run' sounds on my cv!


a whole lota mosey

hah! this pile of packages is making me really happy right now!


OOOOOOO! mosey on etsy gift guide!