new batch of hats, new mosey kiddo!

i have just realized i have the perfect in house hat model & field tester- hooray! and as it turns out my friend kristina at stella photography is a wiz at capturing both!

we just came out with this new cozy hat design for winter 2009.
introducing: THE CHILDREN of the FOREST HAT! tah daaah!
it's fashioned after a vintage knit pattern i have been fawning over for years.
it employes 2 great cozy-ing strategies:
1. it falls down and around the ears for a wind free winter sans earaches and blustery colds.
2. it attaches securely to kindly children by tying like a scarf under their wee chins.

let me know what you think~!


it's always martha! martha! martha!

and thank goodness!
we here at mosey handmade are delighted, thrilled and even elated to have been picked (along with 19 others out of over 3,200!) as a finalist in the Martha Stewart Weddings & Etsy DIY contest.
we couldn't be more proud!
congrats go out to all the finalist and everyone who participated in entering their loveliest wedding goodies!