the woods are lovely dark and deep

and i do have promises to keep, and miles to go before i sleep.
oh sleep.
who knew crafting with baby could be so wild. i guess i should have thought of it~!
getting the TWO of us ready to fly to the west coast on wednesday in preperation for the renegade craft fair...packing a suitcase for em and i and another full of mosey's wares. i feel like a traveling salesman...in a good way. i am so glad that my family will be there to recieve me on the other end of this flight!
this is a project i have been dreaming of all month. well since my wedding really (which was woodland themed, of course!)
the tiny moss terrariums have arrived!
made from rummaged vintage glass bottles and moss from the maine forest, a pinch of sea glass and a dash of vintage millinery.
i hope you like them as much as i do.
they look socute on my windowsill i almost hate to give them up!


acorn sweetlings

i love terrariums, don't we all../but i wanted to make something for those with a not so green thumb, something that could just sit on the windowsill and BE.
so here they are: the acorn sweetlings.
captured and contained in recycled glass jars and perfect for your shelf or desk or windowsill!
i'll be offering a whole lil' series of these guys at the renegade craft fair in san francisco next weekend, so stop by to bring home your very own specimen!