oh summer.

wow, have i mentioned this summer has flown by? it really has. already it is back to school time here in the great north east. the air is chilly, the water is too cold for swimming, and the hollyhocks are almost done blooming.
but then again, the watermelons are just starting to come in.
you have gotta love new england.
the wedding is 3 weeks away still. but all is well and good and my mom arrived last week and got my life in order for me (thanks mom!)
but i have really been missing my dear friends out in the world and feel so connected to everyone i've met online. who would have thought that? not me.
it's my brother who is the cyber nerd right? i'm, talking kaleko vision at age 4, then onto the atari... joy stick and jammers and paddles and all.
then nintendo, etc. and on and on.
but me ? i was dressing my dolls in calico and minding my strict reading regimen before bedtime. a tad of lilttle house, a bit of mr. poppers penguins, some roald dahl thrown in for good measure.
even in college i was a ludite. preferring to shot all my film on 8 mm and edit on the actual reel. handwriting all my love letters and pen pal post. picking out the stamps with careful detail.
but man, the internest has been good to me these past couple of years.
i just realized i wrote 'internest' and am now here to coin a new term.
the woven bits of cyber space allies and actual friends that make up the cozy little nest we call the www.