old skool stamping.

time was short today but i managed to get all of my bags stamped for the craft fair. i had this vision of snowflakes and i couldn't get it outta my mind. i quick carved a potato stamp and stamped them all up while my beloved put the lights on the tree.
oh love.

bitty birds.

here are a few teensy birds that are winding there way to wisconsin this week. made of recycled wool sweaters and pure wool felt and stuffed with wool batting from portland fiber.
i'm working on another version of these for the winterwork faire, but hey~ those are not done yet!


the view from up here.

the schools closed early today and all the people rushed to the store to prepare for the big storm, not quite a nor' easter, but a doozey...we think.
no snow to report...yet.
mosey is excited to be part of the hope spinnery's "winterwork holiday faire".
the place out in hope is a spinnery run on wind power, pretty amazing i think.
today we are hold up in our sewing corner in preparation for the weekends festivities.
we are cutting wool, dyeing wool ,and trying to drink enough hot water for our pregnant belly.
note: i can no longer see my feet from where i stand.
only about 6 weeks left~!


new mosey holiday collection!

lady lamington wristlettes - a more dainty version of the wristwarmer , named after elizabeth's famed and elusive petite fours.
treeling cuffs - sure to keep you cozy and stylish.
wee treeling leg warmers- inspired by all the new little sprouts coming into this world!


holly-bells are ringing.

here at mosey we are proud to be a part of the poppytalk handmade holiday market again this year!
our holly-bell wristlets were featured in their newsletter this week!
be sure to check out the guide for some GREAT holiday gifting!!!!

the new crew!

some new woolens i've felted...
the red white and blue ones are inspired by my mister's mistress...his new bike.
over thanksgiving we went to boston to visit family and friends and mr. mcgregor and i caught up with a few old friends, one of which had a bike for the taking. as it turns out it is an older version (by just a few years) of the bicycle he has been obsessed with for the past three months solid.
and it's orange. and it was free. merry christmas!
anyhow- he was in need of some wrist warmers for riding his dream bike into the winter.
the bird ones are a version of my mittens from last year with a cable-knit-felted twist.


a little love from germany

andeesigns featured mosey's bird mobile in etsy favorites this week! hooray!

the effects of a low pressure wind.

man, have i been missing the snow!
the last few days i have been in sucha rut! and then this morning i woke all refreshed..looked out my window..and yes- we have snow.
i guess i was really feeling that low pressure system moving in, and am so glad it's here finally.
i'm not a winter baby (i was born in the heat of late august in the midwest...poor mom) but i love the chill in the air. being cozied up in my jacket, scarf, and hat and feeling the cold wind whip around me while little snowflakes fly-
about the best feeling i can think of right now~



i cannot even express how much my mom made this day.
made this day.
made this day.
mom, you amaze me.
you worked so hard and lovingly to make this an even better and more beautiful day than i could have ever dreamed.

something old and new borrowed and blue

the pearl rosette is from my great grandma's wedding dress.
(thanks ammie)
all the girls on that side of the family have had a bit of her dress with them on there wedding day. even my mom. she wore hers on her veil and so did i.
the pearls are form both my maternal and paternal grandma's.
the hands are mine and my little sisters.

the taking.

the best day ever, really. so beautiful, so lovely, so surrounded by love. a nest of friends and family. and in the middle of it all my mister mcgregor.
hello sweets!
also pictured: liz blessing our rings.

the giving.

my dad is amazing. can i just say that. he has always been my rock. when peopletalk about true norths - i always think of him. as a compass. as a landmark.
thanks dad for giving me away.


the menu: recipe for a handmade feast

spicy olives &
olive medley by ted
goat cheese
country batard bread

heirloom tomato salad with fresh basil
mixed farm mesclun greens
roasted beet salad with maytag blue cheese and candied walnuts

blackbird pie: chicken and vegetable...rainbow carrots, fresh peas
roasted root vegetable pie: beets, parsnips, celeriac, carola potatoes, radish, shallots, carrots
wild gathered mushroom tart: boleta & porcini mushrooms gathered in maine and n.h. with gruyere cheese, cippolini onions and leeks.

on the zaney pie table:
phoebe's raspberry lattice top pie
phoebe's apple and vanilla custard tart
the eichenlaub's heirloom tomato tart
tamara's custard pie
gail's black and white mini pies
nana webber's choco chip cookies
elizabthe's lady lamingtons

diy wedding diary: project two

the apple tartletts.

these little babies were made easily by just cutting out a round of dough. filling each tartlette with one apple slice and a tad of sweet sweet apple jelly. fold over and press the border with a fork. top with a bit of rosemary and egg wash, pop them in the oven for about 15 minutes. voila!
that's our priestess in there with her hands in the dough. see liz later blessing our rings and the tartlettes make there debut at 'apple hour'.. our version of the after ceremony cocktail hour.

diy wedding diary: project one

the savory pies.
these are the root vegetable pies being made with love. we washed and peeled, boiled and roasted, rolled our dough and pinched each tiny individual pie crust to perfection. there were over a hundred pies in total...but only about 35 of the roasted root vegetable.


the wedding tomatoes.

just a lil' peek at some of the amazing photos taken by my dearest friend brown mouse photography.
i'm basically pirating this shot...but it's only one wee one.
these are the tomotoes. the wedding tomatoes. grown lovingly on the chase farm and delivered in buckets to us a few days before the wedding. i'm talking 60 lbs. of heirloom tomatoes.
we had the most spelndid time and as soon as the pics are ready i will post more.
thanks to everyone who lent a hand, sent good thoughts, attended and enjoyed.


oh summer.

wow, have i mentioned this summer has flown by? it really has. already it is back to school time here in the great north east. the air is chilly, the water is too cold for swimming, and the hollyhocks are almost done blooming.
but then again, the watermelons are just starting to come in.
you have gotta love new england.
the wedding is 3 weeks away still. but all is well and good and my mom arrived last week and got my life in order for me (thanks mom!)
but i have really been missing my dear friends out in the world and feel so connected to everyone i've met online. who would have thought that? not me.
it's my brother who is the cyber nerd right? i'm, talking kaleko vision at age 4, then onto the atari... joy stick and jammers and paddles and all.
then nintendo, etc. and on and on.
but me ? i was dressing my dolls in calico and minding my strict reading regimen before bedtime. a tad of lilttle house, a bit of mr. poppers penguins, some roald dahl thrown in for good measure.
even in college i was a ludite. preferring to shot all my film on 8 mm and edit on the actual reel. handwriting all my love letters and pen pal post. picking out the stamps with careful detail.
but man, the internest has been good to me these past couple of years.
i just realized i wrote 'internest' and am now here to coin a new term.
the woven bits of cyber space allies and actual friends that make up the cozy little nest we call the www.


more on mosey handmade.

the shop has been doing good. busy on the weekend and not so busy during the week. a funny thing about all the goings on, moving, planning our wedding, opening the shop is all the while i've had a little secret. i mean a reallllly tiny one! but it's caused a bit of a stir around here and it's meant that i wasn't able to get all the many things done on my long summer to do list.
yes, we are expecting our own little one!
we were very surprised and very excited. but the first few months were rough. when i wasn't working or trying to unpack a bit(and were still not all moved in- yikes!) i was in bed. but it seems as though the tired and sickish days are behind me so i'm hoping to be posting more and crafting more!
lots of love dears.

while the cherries were blooming.

last week and the week before we had an amazing discovery. out dear little cherry tree- that only had a few cherries on it last year and none the 2 years before was in full bloom. it was a cherry wonderland! we made pies, and mash, and phoebe even put some in her 'mixed fruit tart with vanilla custard' and sold them right at the chase's bakery counter! they were lovely. we also gave a bunch away to friends and our dearest duo chuck and jill became a trio over the weekend, after only 3 days and night of labor little isa jules was born into this world. he missed the cherries but ah- there is always next year!



pictured above: becky's work from dirt girl pottery and dear jen from sprout studio, and a dash of mosey of course.


open shop!

so last weekend we made a double batch of chocolate chips and opened our doors. it wasn't the "grand' opening per say- but we really wanted to open those doors. here's a peek inside and a promise that i'll be posting some more pictures as well as featuring a different mosey handmade artist every week in july. thanks for all the love my dears and kind words of encouragement!


mosey meets oncewed!

my very first encounter on saturday morning ~ hello emily!


dear loves,
we have been so swampy around here- what with unpacking, repacking, getting the shop in order and going to and fro to brooklyn...we haven't meant to neglect.
so the renegade was amazing. 2 hot muggy and raining days of amazing. did i mention rainy. cos it was a down pour. we were lucky to salvage almost everything, but a few of our craft fair neighbors did not fair as well and were mia on sunday. we give them our love and best wishes!
got to get some pictures up to show all the amazing sights of nyc. until then-

p.s. bre pettis from etsy snapped the above shot.


11 days

life is a little bit fuzzy rigt now ~ but just about to come into full focus.

wow. it has been a long time since my last post. you know the camera has been packed up and sent off with almost everything else we own to the new house. well- the new old house. {we are actully moving back to our same dear little house we left behind in september} alexander and i have been in gloucester this past school year teaching at a waldorf school together. couldn't have been more homesick. we are glad to be heading back north to our little cove in belfast! cape ann was good to us, and we met many good friends but it was just not quite our speed. even though gloucester is on the ocean, it did not incite long walks and picnics and sea- glass hunts like my rocky maine coast does. we missed the pace in maine, the slow deliberate lull, the smell of the good clean ocean, the waking up and walking everywhere we need to be. life in maine is good. sweet. and very local. we love that. well with just one week of school left - we have moved everything home - and are getting by with just the bare bones.
the computer will be boxed up today and we are off to cambridge to stay with alex's folks and get some good visiting time in with old friends there.
well dearies- when i next write you i'll be sure to include some pictures of the new shop and house and coast.
much love.