the view from up here.

the schools closed early today and all the people rushed to the store to prepare for the big storm, not quite a nor' easter, but a doozey...we think.
no snow to report...yet.
mosey is excited to be part of the hope spinnery's "winterwork holiday faire".
the place out in hope is a spinnery run on wind power, pretty amazing i think.
today we are hold up in our sewing corner in preparation for the weekends festivities.
we are cutting wool, dyeing wool ,and trying to drink enough hot water for our pregnant belly.
note: i can no longer see my feet from where i stand.
only about 6 weeks left~!


calicodaisy said...

Whew! That big storm you are expecting was our torrential rain and tornado spawner today here in South Carolina. Lovely skies are out now, and there is a big full moon.

TheSingingBird said...

what a beautiful belly! :)