i cannot even express how much my mom made this day.
made this day.
made this day.
mom, you amaze me.
you worked so hard and lovingly to make this an even better and more beautiful day than i could have ever dreamed.

something old and new borrowed and blue

the pearl rosette is from my great grandma's wedding dress.
(thanks ammie)
all the girls on that side of the family have had a bit of her dress with them on there wedding day. even my mom. she wore hers on her veil and so did i.
the pearls are form both my maternal and paternal grandma's.
the hands are mine and my little sisters.

the taking.

the best day ever, really. so beautiful, so lovely, so surrounded by love. a nest of friends and family. and in the middle of it all my mister mcgregor.
hello sweets!
also pictured: liz blessing our rings.

the giving.

my dad is amazing. can i just say that. he has always been my rock. when peopletalk about true norths - i always think of him. as a compass. as a landmark.
thanks dad for giving me away.


the menu: recipe for a handmade feast

spicy olives &
olive medley by ted
goat cheese
country batard bread

heirloom tomato salad with fresh basil
mixed farm mesclun greens
roasted beet salad with maytag blue cheese and candied walnuts

blackbird pie: chicken and vegetable...rainbow carrots, fresh peas
roasted root vegetable pie: beets, parsnips, celeriac, carola potatoes, radish, shallots, carrots
wild gathered mushroom tart: boleta & porcini mushrooms gathered in maine and n.h. with gruyere cheese, cippolini onions and leeks.

on the zaney pie table:
phoebe's raspberry lattice top pie
phoebe's apple and vanilla custard tart
the eichenlaub's heirloom tomato tart
tamara's custard pie
gail's black and white mini pies
nana webber's choco chip cookies
elizabthe's lady lamingtons

diy wedding diary: project two

the apple tartletts.

these little babies were made easily by just cutting out a round of dough. filling each tartlette with one apple slice and a tad of sweet sweet apple jelly. fold over and press the border with a fork. top with a bit of rosemary and egg wash, pop them in the oven for about 15 minutes. voila!
that's our priestess in there with her hands in the dough. see liz later blessing our rings and the tartlettes make there debut at 'apple hour'.. our version of the after ceremony cocktail hour.

diy wedding diary: project one

the savory pies.
these are the root vegetable pies being made with love. we washed and peeled, boiled and roasted, rolled our dough and pinched each tiny individual pie crust to perfection. there were over a hundred pies in total...but only about 35 of the roasted root vegetable.