more on mosey handmade.

the shop has been doing good. busy on the weekend and not so busy during the week. a funny thing about all the goings on, moving, planning our wedding, opening the shop is all the while i've had a little secret. i mean a reallllly tiny one! but it's caused a bit of a stir around here and it's meant that i wasn't able to get all the many things done on my long summer to do list.
yes, we are expecting our own little one!
we were very surprised and very excited. but the first few months were rough. when i wasn't working or trying to unpack a bit(and were still not all moved in- yikes!) i was in bed. but it seems as though the tired and sickish days are behind me so i'm hoping to be posting more and crafting more!
lots of love dears.

while the cherries were blooming.

last week and the week before we had an amazing discovery. out dear little cherry tree- that only had a few cherries on it last year and none the 2 years before was in full bloom. it was a cherry wonderland! we made pies, and mash, and phoebe even put some in her 'mixed fruit tart with vanilla custard' and sold them right at the chase's bakery counter! they were lovely. we also gave a bunch away to friends and our dearest duo chuck and jill became a trio over the weekend, after only 3 days and night of labor little isa jules was born into this world. he missed the cherries but ah- there is always next year!



pictured above: becky's work from dirt girl pottery and dear jen from sprout studio, and a dash of mosey of course.


open shop!

so last weekend we made a double batch of chocolate chips and opened our doors. it wasn't the "grand' opening per say- but we really wanted to open those doors. here's a peek inside and a promise that i'll be posting some more pictures as well as featuring a different mosey handmade artist every week in july. thanks for all the love my dears and kind words of encouragement!