my most ambitious handmade project.

this is our little em. seen here in all her finery (thanks to 4 grandmas and 2 grandpas she'll be a kept woman for like the next 10 yrs!)
she is the one keeping me from folding that last bit of laundry at the foot of the bed, who makes it that the weeds have taken over the garden plot already, who wills it that the tub goes unscrubbed for weeks, the dishes pile up effortlessly and the dog begs for walking.
but i don't mind. i really don't. it is hard to believe that the 'bump' formerly known as just bayba is now really here with us! eating and talking and cooing and laughing all the time.
i love her as the day is long.
and days around here- they tend to get pretty long now!


spring-lings: polka dots to peonies

more little clay birdies added to the shop today!
they are so cute all lined up and ready to fly away...
spring is finally creeping into summer as june is fast approaching in maine. i love the way the house feels all warmed by the sun in the mornings and cooled by the ocean breeze at night. summer has a smell. like grass and peony baked all day in the sun caught up on a light breeze. the house creakes more with the humidity. the back door sticks a bit in it's jam. all the floor boards that were 'plumb' are now lifting here and there at the corners.
alexander has mowed this lawn twice in two weeks and we are enjoying napping in the back room whilst he runs the mower steadily below. my new little one tucked under my wing.



hooray! this is my 100th post!
here we are at mosey : this last month has been a baby travel whirlwind. in mid april we packed (and repacked and repacked one last time) our bags for em and i to head west. that's right...i took my maiden voyage... just the bebe and i on a 6.5 hour plane across the states. i sweated a lot~ she did wonderful.
i was just her age when i traveled for the first time to sunny california.
it was so nice going from our cocoon in snow bound maine to the lush inroads of the bay area. and we got to introduce em to all her cousins, second cousins, aunts, an grandmas and even a great grandma. it was lovely.
note how i went with only 1 suitcase but had to return with 2! spolied already..check!


the new hatchlings...a.k.a. my spring ~ fling

the story goes a lil' something like this:
the birds i used to use in my beloved "dear doves" cake topper are fast becoming extinct. and what can i do, you say?
make 'em myself!
after a little bit if shaping and reshaping and a trip to the toaster oven here we have it - the newest mosey hatchlings! each named after a different flower from my garden and available in the shop.


winter recap: february

oh feb. baby em came home with us! my mom stayed on a few extra weeks (thanks mom!) and we celebrated a valentines with so many goodies sent to us in the mail! we looooove getting mail. it was so cute seeing things addressed to em. seeing her tiny name in print. in the handwriting of my grandmother, my little sister, my dear friends. i love the look of her name scrawled across a pink envelope in the flowy script of lucinda, the bold caps of karen, the organized bite sized lettering of iris, the dandy scroll of elizabeth and the shakey cursive and serifs of my grandmother.

oh how the world loves her.
p.s. hat by ms. shelley at waldorfmama
atc's by iris at craftymamalibrarian

winter recap:december & january

december was cold. and with so many snow days. and my little emelia was determined to be born before the new year. the midwives and my mister and i were determined to keep her safe and sound for as long as possible.  and in the belly. we went on bedrest the day after christmas and we waited patiently, so patiently. she was born after 3 days of hard work on jan 31. ah the sweet smell of new baby!