my most ambitious handmade project.

this is our little em. seen here in all her finery (thanks to 4 grandmas and 2 grandpas she'll be a kept woman for like the next 10 yrs!)
she is the one keeping me from folding that last bit of laundry at the foot of the bed, who makes it that the weeds have taken over the garden plot already, who wills it that the tub goes unscrubbed for weeks, the dishes pile up effortlessly and the dog begs for walking.
but i don't mind. i really don't. it is hard to believe that the 'bump' formerly known as just bayba is now really here with us! eating and talking and cooing and laughing all the time.
i love her as the day is long.
and days around here- they tend to get pretty long now!


TheSingingBird said...

She is such a dear sweet-pea! ♥

Hobocamp Crafts said...

Wow this sounds a lot like my days! Our 6 month old Hazel, will also never needs clothes till she is well into her teens, thanks to cousins & loving family. Your girl is adorable- don't you love the pants & dress combo- always a big fan!

woolies said...

omigosh, beyond adorable.

Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

Oh how cute! Thanks for sharing!!! goodness. My baby is six now. I remember the advice a mama friend I really admired gave to me: They grow so fast! Even when you are exhausted and they always need need need you, enjoy this time. They grow fast and change so much.

I'm lucky cause my two are very very sweet and snuggly even now that they are big. We all snuggle and read and chat lots. Mommyhood rocks.