hooray! this is my 100th post!
here we are at mosey : this last month has been a baby travel whirlwind. in mid april we packed (and repacked and repacked one last time) our bags for em and i to head west. that's right...i took my maiden voyage... just the bebe and i on a 6.5 hour plane across the states. i sweated a lot~ she did wonderful.
i was just her age when i traveled for the first time to sunny california.
it was so nice going from our cocoon in snow bound maine to the lush inroads of the bay area. and we got to introduce em to all her cousins, second cousins, aunts, an grandmas and even a great grandma. it was lovely.
note how i went with only 1 suitcase but had to return with 2! spolied already..check!

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