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thanks to db who got me some tools - and here it is!


putting all of my (new) eggs in one basket.

this morning i woke up early. i had stayed the night at my brothers house (think lord of the rings meets jake gyllenhaal). anyway he got up early too (and made me a great breakfast, by the way) and while he was busying himself in the kitchen i set about rooting around in his attic. i have a bunch of things stored up there for now and i found a bin of fabric i'd stashed and forgotten about! eureka. it was like christmas. or better. it was like finding one of your old favorite toys you'd forgotten about or were sure had gotten thrown out in the hub bub of your teenage years.
i ended up picking out some great blue polka dot fabric and some vintage reproduction calico...one of my very faves.
so here are the results. the snow was melting and dripping outside my window while i was scheming these up. so spring was surely on my mind.


the swap.

here it was. jill nad i were at the common ground fair back in september. we decided we would pick up a few skeins of yarn and make eachother a cozy hat before it got too cold. mine (the one jill made for me) was aptly titled the 'autumn leaves hat, with secret heart' (because it had a secret heart sewn into the back)and the one i made jill...well..as you can see it befell a much different name. an apology. i just put hers in the mail on monday a full 3 months i've been wearing MY cozy hat!
also- one really neat thing about our hats are that while jill's is a peachy orange and mine is a pinky red the accent color is from the same skien of yarn. and it is this terrific bulky weight yarn with all of these great variations and slight flaws and a bit of glitter running through it!
well - at least i finished it in time for three snowstorms in one week! hope your cozy jill!


thank you very much.

i love sending and receiving mail. honest to goodness, i licked the stamp and took it to the post..mail.
i have been wanting to do a little something more special for my etsy customers and so i spent a rainy and then snowy afternoon at papersource. and these were the results!and yes, that 'platinum' ink. fancy!


bucky bliss

so i had this little pain. a crick. in my neck..and it kept on getting worse and worse. i would move my head at night and craaack! very uncomfortable! and i kept on thinking...i really want one of those fancy buckwheat pillows. so i went to the fancy greenie store here in gloucester..and boy they were so pricey. then i got smart. i went to the co-op and got a ton of buckwheat hulls. well not a ton but about 6 lbs. and away we go. sorted through the fabric stash of flannels and sewed two up quickly. alex and i thought we'd give them a try..and i swear we were both out in five minutes. and what a blissful sleep. we woke up a few hours later revived! stayed up late last night making a full sized pillow with my crick in mind. i have to tell you - i slept like a baby in a buckwheat and lavender induced slumber. when i awoke this morning the crick was gone. really.
i'm ready for the bucky revolution.
are you?


i've been tagged.

by mandy b. ..and be sure to check out her etsy shop full of goodness.

so here goes..5 random - little - know - facts about me.

1. not unlike ms. mandi b. i slept with my childhood doll until i was 21. went on a trip to sweden with my college boyfriend and thought it was a good time to break the habit!
i still keep her in my sock drawer though!

2. i get much delight out of putting on clothes fresh out of the dryer. i'm a pretty green girl, but have to say the dryer is one of my vices. nothing better than warm socks hot off the presses on a blustery day.

3. i used to make films, but know i just take walks or ride the bus with my i pod on and pretend i'm in a really great montage scene. oh, well.

4. when my sister was little we invented this cool way to chop onions without crying -- we wore swimming goggles..then later we saw that in a movie and were like 'we so did that first'! and we still giggle about it.

5.i cannot seem to erase old messages from dear ones, voicemails, text messages, emails, they seem like these little letters to me that are going to get lost in the great sea of nothing...so i keep them as long as i can.
so loves--if you call or write and my mailbox is full..i'm not that popular- it's just that i've been saving them up.

thanks mandi.


inky gets some love!

once i made this little guy iwas in love. his face is so lonesome and his cheeks are all blushing.
i'm glad he got a little love on emilias blog today!


so we have had a few 45 degree days here in new england. and being that it's february (the coldest month in these here parts) that is a bit odd.
but i did sneak on my new spring jacket and walk the meme dog an extra bit this morning. it feels like spring and so, i made these.
still cozy but with a hint of whats to come!