i've been tagged.

by mandy b. ..and be sure to check out her etsy shop full of goodness.

so here goes..5 random - little - know - facts about me.

1. not unlike ms. mandi b. i slept with my childhood doll until i was 21. went on a trip to sweden with my college boyfriend and thought it was a good time to break the habit!
i still keep her in my sock drawer though!

2. i get much delight out of putting on clothes fresh out of the dryer. i'm a pretty green girl, but have to say the dryer is one of my vices. nothing better than warm socks hot off the presses on a blustery day.

3. i used to make films, but know i just take walks or ride the bus with my i pod on and pretend i'm in a really great montage scene. oh, well.

4. when my sister was little we invented this cool way to chop onions without crying -- we wore swimming goggles..then later we saw that in a movie and were like 'we so did that first'! and we still giggle about it.

5.i cannot seem to erase old messages from dear ones, voicemails, text messages, emails, they seem like these little letters to me that are going to get lost in the great sea of nothing...so i keep them as long as i can.
so loves--if you call or write and my mailbox is full..i'm not that popular- it's just that i've been saving them up.

thanks mandi.


Alorinna said...

I love #3 :)

Dharma Designs said...

I am the same way with clothes fresh from the dryer - aaaahhhhhh. The goggles are a great idea for onions!

Cakies said...

Goggles... I must use that next time! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have seen your things before and I admire your creativity greatly, so I am flattered that you like my Cakies. Thank for thinking they are sweet... you are so sweet! You are inspiring. keep up the great work.