new hats for the new year!

with a little help from my local savers(well actually i was home in california over the holidays..so i should say "my old haunt..savers")
i found a bunch of great wool sweaters just waiting to by dyed, cut up, and fashioned into new hats! i was worried that i wouldn't find any wool in cali- but quite the opposite- i suppose people cast off their woolies after 1 season since it's never really THAT cold in the bay area.
anyhow..here's the new batch c/o my brand new sewing machine!!!!(thanks nan!)
and many hugs to karen of brownmousephoto who took my new pics...her nieces who did the posing and mama victorine who graciously egged everyone on!

natural kids makes a go of it!

many thanks to woodmouse for coordinating naturalkids...a new site devoted to sharing information about natural/waldorf childrens toys and wears! and i got a little new years love on page one!


featured on friday faves..

mixed plate was lovely enough to feature mosey in their holiday gift guide.

some love from my etsy kin!

colorada returned the love in 2008 with a bit of kind words on her blog about mosey!
posting new hats in the next few days!