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the shop has been doing good. busy on the weekend and not so busy during the week. a funny thing about all the goings on, moving, planning our wedding, opening the shop is all the while i've had a little secret. i mean a reallllly tiny one! but it's caused a bit of a stir around here and it's meant that i wasn't able to get all the many things done on my long summer to do list.
yes, we are expecting our own little one!
we were very surprised and very excited. but the first few months were rough. when i wasn't working or trying to unpack a bit(and were still not all moved in- yikes!) i was in bed. but it seems as though the tired and sickish days are behind me so i'm hoping to be posting more and crafting more!
lots of love dears.


Ballee said...

Congrats with this GREAT news!

How exciting!

I'm reading your blog (and looking at your pic's on Flickr) for some weeks now, and I also want to congrat you with the shop (you make my dream come true!)

And I like the name Mosey. My son (5,5 years old) is called Morris, and we say Mosey (or in Dutch: Moosie) as his nickname.

Take care, and look after yourself,
groeten uit Rotterdam, NL

Hobocamp Crafts said...

congrats! I'm 21 weeks pregnant now and was very sick from 6wks-about 16! hope you're feeling better soon!

Iris E. said...

OH! I can't wait to tell Sylvan! This is thrilling news. We're so happy for you both.

Iris E. said...

Jonas says:

He thinks you need more signage to advertise the Mosey shop! Sylvan was thinking he could be like a sandwich board gnome out front, enticing customers inside with cuteness...?

They loved visiting the shop in person! I'm still waiting my turn.


TheSingingBird said...

Jes~I am so happy for you!! Many blessings and love to the three of you♥

littlebyRD said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! How very exciting! Glad to hear you are feeling better. I wanted to send you warm wishes and luck for your up coming wedding - I hope it all goes well and you have a fabulous and memorable day.

Ravenhill said...

I am so happy to hear your wonderful news!!! I hope you are feeling well and enjoying sharing your life with a little one growing inside you. It is so hard when you feel sick... Acupuncture worked well for me for many of pregnancies challenges.

Thinkign of you and take great care of yourself!
~Emily xxx

Anonymous said...

Awww Congrats! How exciting...what a whirlwind your life has been lately! I took a trip to Belfast Saturday and hightailed it to your shop but alas, it was closed. But I plan to come again soon. :)

FairiesNest said...

Congratulations, what wonderful news!

Prudence said...


littlebyRD said...

Checking in to see how you are?! A Mrs. now, right?! I hope everything was magical and wonderful - I'm sur it was! Miss you!

woolies said...

How awesome and exciting!!! Congratulations!!!!!

jenifer74 said...

hey!! congratulations ms mosey :) that is so exciting. hope things are still settling well and you are feeling much better! xxx.

Cary said...

congrats;) what a wonderful journey you are embarking on. i wish you many blessings!

Cary said...

congrats;) what a wonderful journey you are embarking on. i wish you many blessings!

mosey handmade said...

please sned over the samdwich board boys! we need 'em!

mosey handmade said...

and thanks for alla the wonderous wishes my dears!