the menu: recipe for a handmade feast

spicy olives &
olive medley by ted
goat cheese
country batard bread

heirloom tomato salad with fresh basil
mixed farm mesclun greens
roasted beet salad with maytag blue cheese and candied walnuts

blackbird pie: chicken and vegetable...rainbow carrots, fresh peas
roasted root vegetable pie: beets, parsnips, celeriac, carola potatoes, radish, shallots, carrots
wild gathered mushroom tart: boleta & porcini mushrooms gathered in maine and n.h. with gruyere cheese, cippolini onions and leeks.

on the zaney pie table:
phoebe's raspberry lattice top pie
phoebe's apple and vanilla custard tart
the eichenlaub's heirloom tomato tart
tamara's custard pie
gail's black and white mini pies
nana webber's choco chip cookies
elizabthe's lady lamingtons


Iris E. said...

Oh, these lovely shots are bringing back some sweet memories of your special day! Can we have some pictures of Apple Hour, esp. the Caramel Apples of my dreams?

Yes, I gave up on Caramel Apples so long ago as yucky things. Sylvan, lucky one, got to have one of your delightful wonders as his FIRST introduction. It might be all downhill from there!

I would love your caramel recipe.

jenifer74 said...

these photos are just awesome. it must have been a beautiful, wondrous time!