11 days

life is a little bit fuzzy rigt now ~ but just about to come into full focus.

wow. it has been a long time since my last post. you know the camera has been packed up and sent off with almost everything else we own to the new house. well- the new old house. {we are actully moving back to our same dear little house we left behind in september} alexander and i have been in gloucester this past school year teaching at a waldorf school together. couldn't have been more homesick. we are glad to be heading back north to our little cove in belfast! cape ann was good to us, and we met many good friends but it was just not quite our speed. even though gloucester is on the ocean, it did not incite long walks and picnics and sea- glass hunts like my rocky maine coast does. we missed the pace in maine, the slow deliberate lull, the smell of the good clean ocean, the waking up and walking everywhere we need to be. life in maine is good. sweet. and very local. we love that. well with just one week of school left - we have moved everything home - and are getting by with just the bare bones.
the computer will be boxed up today and we are off to cambridge to stay with alex's folks and get some good visiting time in with old friends there.
well dearies- when i next write you i'll be sure to include some pictures of the new shop and house and coast.
much love.


littlebyRD said...

Good luck with your move! Even though moving is hard work I love getting to the unfurnished new space and setting up house. Can't wait to see pictures of your shop and whatever else you've been up to!

Iris E. said...

Does your shop really open this weekend? If so, we want to be there!!!
Missing you!
PS Moving will be over soon...then Nesting all over again!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back (almost!) to Maine! :) Good luck on the move; I can't wait to visit your shop!

Natasha Burns said...

I hope your move has gone well for you! My friend is in Maine and she loves it. Sounds like your heart is there

littlebyRD said...

Just a quick note to say I hope your move is going well - Looking forward to hearing about it once you are settled!

Per said...

oh, your description of Maine was so good and it made me homesick! After the visit home this time I am still missing Maine, family and friends. You are so fortunate to be moving back! I can't wait to hear more about the shop!!!

Ravenhill said...

Jes, I hope that you are doing well. I think about you so much - I hope that your move is going smoothly and that you are able to keep your head above water with all the things you are doing right now.

I am dying to hear more about your shop and see photos! BEST of luck to you with it and I know it is going to be a huge success!
~Emily xxx