PART TWO ~ the handmade registry

so dearies, if you are reading this you likely stuck through yesterdays veeery long post (thank-you!) and are wondering just what i was getting at.
well here you go - PART TWO:
SO i made my macy's registry. pots, pans, some things we really would love to have in our kitchen. i even registered for a fancy place setting that i do really love and HAVE be drooling over since i very first saw it. 'but it's so much!' i said- well my grandmother reassured me that you register for the good china and kind of collect it all your life - and that appealed to me. i love collections.
but still something did not feel right to me. i wasn't feeling the gleeful excitement i thought i would. i was feeling - well.. guilty.
my beloved, who sometimes surprises me by how well he knows me, said "well - i just thought you'd make a whole HANDMADE thingy."
and that really got my gears turning.
i remembered and etsy post in the etsy wedding series about registries and went there..the suggested wists and a few other outside sources. no, that wasn't quite right for me either.
so this is what i did all day a few weeks ago- i set up a new etsy account under alexander's name and went ahead and picked a bunch of favorites. i linked it to our wedding blog and voile - here you have it:
i was so excited picking out things that i think i picked too many. macy's wouldn't think so they kept telling me : if you have one hundred and ten guests it's likley you should register for over two hundred gifts! ack! no thanks - about 60 etsy lovelies will do.


littlebyRD said...

That is just so cool! I love what you've added to your registry. Such a nice option for your guests who like handmade stuff.

Arasay Ontaguemay said...

what a great idea! I totally want to do this when I get married to MY Alexander. :)

Dorana said...

hi there mosey! congratulations! i just found your post regarding how you created your own handmade registry using etsy favorites! i wanted to share with you the prelaunch of http://www.myhandmaderegistry.com/

i hope you'll check us out!

siempre - dorana