henny pennies

oh yes. i love chickens. and even my beloved said we might get a pair after we move. i am so happy. i have been on the chicken train since the first summer we spent in maine at our teensy cabin. and it's been a slow train.(about 3.5 years)
finally conditions will be optimum for such an adventure.
any hen keepers out there-advice welcomed. esp. on designs and workability of the coop.
chicken coop - my ultimate summer nesting project!
these little ladies are available in my etsy shop and made or upcycled wool!


Karma by Morgan said...

those are so cute! good luck :)

Ravenhill said...

How fun to have your own chickens! Mom has a wonderful friend, Sue, who has a great deal of experience if you want to get in touch with her. The ones you are making are so wonderful!
Hugs, Emily
ps I sent you an Etsy mail, did you get it?

Beat Black said...

i'd like to have a chicken or two one day as well. they're just so rad

woolies said...

I made a new friend when my horses ran away (you can read about it on my blog) and she raises chickens - just yesterday I got my first dozen eggs from her and we had eggs for dinner last night. Never have I tasted such freshness.
but it's hard to keep chickens out here with all the predators - coyote, bobcat, hawks, owls......
I hope you get some!