do you ever make something you really don't want to give up. but then you do in a way 'cos you know it's one of your best things?

well - that was how my morning went. plus i had left my good scissors at ash's and was trying desperately to make due with a veeeery old pair of fiskars that i have let alex have a while back.. and wouldn't you know it i sliced my finger right open.
man- those fiskars would not cut a buttonhole open but were not shy when it came to my hands.
oh -well - i'm okay now, no stitches or anything.

on another note:
this summer i am going to start featuring some of mosey handmades artists. that is to say- those who's wares we are selling at the brick and mortar will all get a little blog love.

look for those posts starting in the magical month of june.
happy day everyone!


littlebyRD said...

Pretty pictures above! Love your creations so much.I am excited to see who is going to be in your store!

Ravenhill said...

You are really on a roll - the colors here are so delightful and springlike!

woolies said...

Mosey, I TAGGED you. You may have been tagged previously, but now it has happened again. :0)
you must visit my blog for details.
Hope your hand is ok.
Package on the way to you soon-ish.

mosey handmade said...

now woolies- didn't you tag me last time? like my kids say-- no tagbacks.
but actually - i love this tagging business so here we go!!!
looking forward to your package~!

Prudence said...

You find the greatest brightly colored woolies - I'm jealous! I wanted to let you know that I *am* still planning to send a few dolls for your shop - I'm working on some right now. xo

picciolo said...

hi, I hope your finger is ok now? I love these pictures, all your creations look wonderful together
: )