to-do tuesday.

tuesday is here again. always my long long day at kindergarten and at home. for some reason monday is always a wash but by tuesday the to-do list is in full effect.

these next few tuesdays are gonna be some real doozies over here at mosey handmade.

1. we move in 2.5 weeks

2. renegade craft fair is in 4 weeks

3. we open shop in 3 weeks

4. i get married in 16 weeks

man. so out the window with the to-do's that lag around from weekly list to weekly list:

i.e. (and i quote)

call jared about mosey sign

send things to kare fto be photographed

mosey handmade banner for shop and fair

get my beloved alex's linen suit

frames from ikea

yup- these things have all topped the lists for too many days-weeks-some even a month.

man, this being three weeks behind in life thing needs to change!

and by the way - the owls - they are brand new this tuesday.

the weren't even on the to-do's.


Iris E. said...

Do you ever add things to your To-Do list posthumously, so that you can have the satisfaction of crossing them off? It feels pretty good. Hang in there. You Can Do It!
Can't wait to have you nearby!

mosey handmade said...

oooh iris! i love that idea.
talk about a bit of stress relief! then one could stand back a minute, wipe the sweat from ones brow and exclaim- "look at all i've gotten done!"
i think i am going to try that right now!!!

Ravenhill said...

You are a ball of energy and you have the most wonderful projects keeping you busy now. I wish I lived closer so I could give you a hand. I would really love that. I am cheering for you!

The owls in the nest are absolutely fantastic beautiful. I love them. The photo of them is superb.

Happy busy day getting things crossed off!
Hugs from Emily xxoo

littlebyRD said...

Ack! Long to do list - but don't you find everything works better under a little pressure?! Good luck with everything. And may I say....the owls are fabulous!

jenifer74 said...

so many exciting things!! how long have you been teaching kindergarten? i want to hear more...(i teach too ya know!)