are you in need of cozy-ing?

for that matter is your french press in need? i certainly know where you can get a whole lotta cozy at a great price! and what could be better than say...two elephants in love...in pink and orange no less!
aly the red of bliss monkey studio makes great f.p. cozies out of recycled sweaters. be sure to check out her shop and all her other coffee cup cozies and creatures!
aly's wares are as hip as they are eco friendly and she has become a very dear etsy pal.
thanks aly - for my great cozy, my french press is so much more happy now, and it makes me smile every morning!


ThePeachTree said...

Oh, it makes me smile too! Thank you again and again by the way :)

littlebyRD said...

I love the it! Very cute. I also really like the ones that go around the coffee cups.

Ravenhill said...

What an adorable cozy! Happy weekend!
xxoo Emily