woolies is fast at tag!

i was tagged by dear woolies at;
( she makes the sweetest knitted animals!)

and in response to woolies' fun facts i have a few of my own.
1. i also love to be alone. i sometimes get to feeling like i am really only truely myself when i AM alone. like singing in the car loudly...or at all. i would never do that around other people - but i enjoy it so much.
2. i love waking early and heading out the door on a simple errand. it gives me so much satisfaction for some reason.
3. the forest is a magical place and the smell of the mossy earthy floor is one of the best i know.
4. when i first became a kindergarten teacher i felt like i was cheating. i got to take long walks with the kids to the stream, catch waterbugs(and even a red spotted salamander once), tap maple trees, color, paint and knit. all in a days work.
5. i relish in simple tasks like folding the laundry when it's warm (my dear rd- i loved reading that about you!!), making my morning tea or coffee (depends on what side of the bed i woke up on), cleaning up from last nights dinner, and checking my mail.
6. my parents house in maine on a warm afternoon is about my favorite place to be. it also has a smell..of my dad's vegetable garden. it's sweet peas, it's overgrown horse radish, and green beans, the wildflower patch and the rhubard near baking in the hot sun... the woods and the stream near by. home.
7. my close friends chuck and jill are haivng a baby..and alex and i stay up nights whispering about how wonderous it is going to be!

okay- now i need 6 friends who wnt to play tag. well i'll have to think on that!


littlebyRD said...

I loved reading your answers! I totally get you on #1 and #2. Especially #1. I had never thought about it before but when I read it I was like "yes!".

ThePeachTree said...

Oh no! I just tagged you as well. A double tag if you will :) I won't tell anyone if you won't....

Anonymous said...

Mosey, I didn't realize you blogged. I love your journal! I especially love the simplicity of it and the pictures are lovely and mysterious. I want some of your wristers...how much do you charge? :0)

Bella said...

If there were a Mosey dance, I would dance it. ::wiggling::

mosey handmade said...

bella- you are too sweet!

woolies said...

love all your tag comments, and i wish i had a 'home' like one with your dad's garden. Man, sometimes I'm such an orphan.
PS package went into the mail. :0)