mosey's: "it made my fridge" contest!

okay. one more thing. i've got a little thing going called:
"it made my fridge"
post five things/people who 'made my fridge' and your name goes into the hat.
the name i choose at the end of the week wins one of my teensy nests! check them out here!
here's the link for a more detailed photos: {click me}
happy hunting!

p.s. got the idea after shelley of waldorf mama spied a friend on there. thanks shelley.


Anonymous said...

What an excellent idea! Sadly, I don't recognize any of your bits and peices (though you have some gorgeous things on there!) Have fun with your contest!

TheSingingBird said...

ok mosey, i'll give it a try, but it took me a while, and i'm not sure if i have the last one right or if it's fair for me to use #1., so if i am disqualified i understand :)
1.auntboo's postcard
2.redcrowarts' owl magnet
3.giantdwarf's business card
4.ashleyg's postcard
5.your hubby-to-be? at top?

i think i spend too much time on Etsy :)
hugs, birdie

Anonymous said...

1. owlie magnet from me
2. the lott boys
3. a.mcg on your camping trip last summer.
4. j.a. on your camping trip last summer
5. k&j r.

do i win a nest?

Anonymous said...

i tried this once
and it didnt work.
so here goes, again.
i want that nest.

1_owlie magnet from me.e.
2_pic of the lotts
4_j.a. not you but you know who

shelleycaskey said...

oh, i'm so happy i inspired this little contest. :) unfortunately, i still only recognize boo's card! oooh, maybe birdie's gonna win. :)

Iris E. said...

Hmmmm, I think this might be the blog of my boy Sylvan's former beloved! Well actually STILL beloved, just not recently seen...

Here's what's made my fridge:
1. Photo of my brother the RISD student, sketching in Italy; from the cover of some catalog they sent out.
2. The list of the most recent wonderful things that my two boys say.
3. A Save the Date magnet, featuring my brother-in-law and sister-in-law-to-be for June 28th.
4. A photo of me and three beautiful ladies at Moosehead Lake last summer enjoying some girl time.
5. A photo of my older boy at 2, at Flopsy's (stuffed rabbit) birthday party in our old kitchen. In the picture Jonas is serious, holding Flopsy's hand and looking at her, celebrating over the cake made from a bright yellow colander.

Iris E. said...

Hello again, Mosey,
I would love your email address! Tomorrow night, Wednesday, at 6 pm come to the Rockport Library for our free and open to anyone monthly ATC-making group! If you feel up for fun, bring scissors and glue, maybe some paper, and a favorite poem. I would be thrilled to have you there!
Here's my email: irisdagmar @gmail.com

picciolo said...

hmmm, not sure how specific I need to be but I'll give it a go...
1. Ashleyg postcard
2. a really cute pair of clogs magnet
3. family photos?
4. really lovely snail picture
5. gorgeous robins egg blue coloured floral gift tag?

: )

jenifer74 said...

oh drat!

i totally must have forgotten the word verification thing a coupla days ago b/c i totally guessed. grrr!

sprout biz card
giant dwarf biz card
ashley g print
amy ruppel magnets
mosey mister camping


mosey handmade said...

oooh! sprout- you got some serious skillz!