from the great atlantic to the mighty midwest.

you know i was born in st. louis. land locked except for the ozarks and the mighty Missouri river.
we moved to the east coast when i was 8.
as soon as i saw the ocean i was in love.
now, when i was a kid moving to the east coast you could find seaglass all day long. and we did. brang home ball jars full of the stuff. you could find pottery, bits of broken tea cups, plates, perfume bottles, old glass soda bottles. and even the blue glass.
over the years it all got eaten up by the steady stream of coastal tourists and probably people quit throwing there trash over board and many things stopped being put into and sold out of glass jars. what a shame. i had so loved to beach comb.
but there is a small length of beach on the coast of maine that still holds amazing sea~glass finds.
a few years back, i was in luck. my friend elizabeth took me to " the secret sea~glass beach" .. really it is. you have to sneak into it a bit- but boy is it ever full of magical treasures. so much so that i had to wonder--okay what wise guy is dumping antique bottles and china into the ocean??
but it's just an undisovered little cove. a place not many people bother to get to..and so the sea~glass has been rolling around in it's rocky undertow for years.
now we go, and we try not to be too greedy but we do take..and throw back those that are not ready yet.
this is to say that:
i sent a package to renegade handmade in chicago today. among it's contents were 2 nests with a bit of seaglass tucked among their felted eggs. it was like sending back a bit of this rocky coast..postmarked, tagged and headed west towards the river bottoms. the place where the first trickle of sea heads out and around towards something more grand.


littlebyRD said...

Oh, the secret beach sounds so lovely. There is not much of anything that I have found here on the coast in Oregon although whenever I am there i still have to look - just in case!

Anonymous said...

The little nests are lovely, and sea glass is such a great addition! I think I might search out that beach this summer. ;-)

woolies said...

I'm yearning for that secret cove. your nests are awesome. !!