mosey on etsy's handmade wedding series

yes. we are so excited. vanessa from etsy contacted me a few weeks back. she asked me a few questions about the wedding dress i made last summer for alise and bens wedding out on peak's island. yes it was so lovely out there. everyone made their way to the island by sea. and all were in good spirits by the time they arrived-and even better boarding the ferry to come home.

by the way--i love etsy. it's been so good to me.
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Ravenhill said...

Jes, this is so exciting! You are doing so well!!!

Hope you are having a happy if not also productive weekend!

-emily xxx

Anonymous said...

OH, a Peaks Island Wedding. *sigh* How wonderful! :) The dress is beautiful.
Found you through Poppytalk, and I LOVE your Etsy store. What a talent!