paint, plants, and other tiny particles: setting up shop!

here we are. the first real week of shop key in hand.
ash came for a visit and we scoured the thrift stores for good finds. namely a nice dresser which we plan on using as a fixture in the shop. we saw a lot of fancy ones we loved and then made our way out to the furniture warehouse of the salvation army. wow.

we found one we just loved (and had a mirror "i bet it's the old kind" ash gushed.. and it was)
the guy working there gave us a great deal and voile..it was ours. we headed back with a truckload of goodies for the shop and a pocketfull of dreams.
tune in later this week for painting 101: moseyhandmade.
*after much deliberation we picked "sea-cove" a lovely robins eggshell blue and "hawthorn yellow".


littlebyRD said...

Very exciting stuff....This looks like so much fun! Looking forward to hearing and seeing how the shop turns out.

Mary Richmond said...

this is so exciting! i opened a shop just about 3 years ago and collected all sorts of wonderful furniture finds, painted, and ahhh it takes me back to all that hope and anticipation and wonderfulness! have fun!

capitolagirl said...

How fun! Good luck with your new shop :-)

Deabusamor said...

How exciting! It is my dream to someday have my own shop too. Let us know how it goes!

woolies said...

what shop are you setting up??? Where is it????? What are you selling???? want some animals or pendants in your shop?????
so exciting!!!

jenifer74 said...

that building looks amazing!!

Ravenhill said...

I didn't know! I am so excited for you! Your own shop. I would love to know where it is. The building is so pretty. BEST of luck!