diy madness

our design*sponge entry for the diy contest.
karen from brownmouse and jared of jrusten furniture and i put our heads and hands together on this one. wish us luck!

about the project:
"the bi-coastal"

my oldest and dearest friends jared and karen rusten and i have been
itching to work on a project together. karen and i both spied the diy
contest as soon as it was posted and began conspiring at once!
jared is a modern by hand furniture maker (jrusten.com) and his wife
karen is a photographer(brownmousephoto.com), and me i'm always up for
a project esp. if it includes sewing-- see also (www.mosey.etsy.com).
so jared had this old box spring that he had found on the street in
brooklyn last summer. and actually when the two relocated to the bay
area this fall the box spring came all the way across the country with
them (much to alls dismay) .
jared loves working with reclaimed wood...think calls in wee hours of
the morning pleading for helping hands to haul off giant slabs of
walnut that were on there way to the chipper!
the woods used (amapola and cedar) to make the frame were also
reclaimed wood scraps from his work at the macri park bar in
williamsburg,ny .
so jared got to work and built a wood frame. he then cut up and
covered the ye old box spring with a bit of foam (picked up from canal
street in nyc). we topped it off with unbleached canvas.
we had gotten some fabric from mood back in the new york days and so
we went right to work.
we covered buttons, sewed french seams, and pinched and pulled until
the whole thing was a glorious piece of modern furniture.
the luxe-y green is just right for spring and their new live work space.
what i loved about the project was working together and also being
able to incorporate and reuse something that had been discarded.
it's very comfy and the wooden back piece comes right off for use as a
bed so it is multi functional- and perfect for there petite living


Ravenhill said...

what a fantastic collaboration! Well done to all of you. I can feel the incredible crafty enthusiasm all the way over in Norway.

Dharma Designs said...

Wow - what a great job!