woolies tag.

my dear woolies tagged me. days ago, weeks ago, maybe a whole month has gone by.
o~ woolies:
i forgotten to tell you this simple fact...weighing it at number one on my list:
1. i am literally about 3 weeks behind in my life (i was born 2.5 weeks early, and have never caught up!..i needed those weeks you see.)
2. i love to hear the sound my computer makes when i throw out the trash. so i always turn it up for that last little electronic crumble.
3. i also love the sound of the radio on search, and if driving alone, will often leave it on search. a few seconds of lionel ritchie, a dash of the boss, maybe some good oldies or otis reading if i'm lucky. this maddens my beloved and he almost cannot believe he is marrying me.
4. we will be married under the big oak tree next to the great atlantic this fall.
5. i teach kindergarten as my day job and delight in almost every second of it. it's the one thing i know i do well and brings me peace beyond peace.
6. mostly my family and friends live far far away and so i have always felt like i am saying goodbye. part of the reason i am me, but there is no cure for nostalgia and missing.
7. i so believe in magical thinking.


littlebyRD said...

I thought I posted a comment earlier but not seeing it so apologies if there are 2! Thanks for the tag. I already did it. Loved your answers, especially #7. Congratulations on your engagement! Oak tress are my absolute favorite tress in the world - beautiful for a wedding!

woolies said...

See - I love playing tag - I get to learn all these neat things about people! These are wonderful little tidbits of your life!
PS I love oak trees, and am actually working on knitted acorns right now (a wholesale order!).

ThePeachTree said...

Fantastic tag! I think I must go back and forth from being 3 weeks behind to 6 weeks ahead :)