trying to get organized

my mom arrived on her month long voyage to the deep east coast (she and i hail from california). she is on a mission to get me organized as she has been my whole life.
think melamine bins for barrets, ponytail holders and seawees.
nearing 30 makes me unashamed to say that she probably always will be.
i can organize the heck out of anyonelses things but rarely devote the time to getting my own ducks in a row.
being an art busybody this can cause many a problem. like buying the same tool or ribbon or yardage of fabric...twice, three times even? since her arrival i have discovered i now have 3 sets of pinking sheers...ah, but one can never have too many of those!
i would love some ideas on getting fabric organized in a polite way. a way that makes you wanna dive right in.
any suggestions, mom?!

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