felting 101, mosey style

This is the thing about felting: it's sloppy. and a bit harsh on the skin! i mean soapy hands and wool to the point past detergent clean and onto ocd. the first time i felted i thought hands cannot possibly just chap like this - oh but they can!
so use a detergent soap that's strong but not too harsh. here at mosey we love ivory but we love dr. bronners even better (check out peppermint and lavender for a somewhat aroma therapeutic romp with wet felting).
then again it is very satisfying going from a soapy mess to a tidy little package.
it's the ultimate tying up of loose ends.
so get a good sized metal bin, some hot soapy water, some wool roving (love whorledpeas etsy shop) and get to work!

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