a return to the real

oh dearies. it has been too long.
but right now as the rain hums outside my window and the wee one sleeps deeply above me i am able to get a bit of the old me back. i am at my breakfast nook window with the laptop and a cup of french pressed coffee, a scone half eaten beside me.
i have already washed my face, scrubbed my teeth and put on the clothes of the day.
the dishes are done, a load of laundry is brewing and all the baby things are picked up and put away.
i have discovered that the saying:"a place for everything and everything in it's place"
is not a mere suggestion but a mantra.
it is the only sane way to get through the day around here between trying to sew, run a household and smile and laugh with baby em.
i miss my friends. online and offline. the offline friends are free to stop by now and again or drop a line...but dear inter-nest friends how i miss our comments, light emails, and blogswaps.
taggies and no tag backs.
i hope that this is the fall of getting back into the swing of it...cos my arm is out of practice
my mind is blooming with possibilities.
to alla my internest friends out there- a big "hello, how's it been"
"me- i'm doing fine."


TheSingingBird said...

I'm so happy to see you both here! Welcome back!

Iris E. said...



Sammi V said...

your life sounds a lot like mine!


wishing you and your beautiful babe all the magic in the world..


Carolyn Dominish said...

Hi from Australia

You do indeed have a beautiful babe. The pixie hat (bonnet, hood) reminds me of what I used to wear when I was just a wee girl. Where I grew up was very cold and the pixie hood always kept my ears warm. My mother knitted me one pixie hood that was half red and half blue. Red on one side a blue on the other. I am 73 this year but that memory is so vivid. As I got older (in the 60s) I used the pixie hood to bed in order to straighten my hair. Straight hair was so fashionable then and I had annoyingly wavy hair. When I would wake up my hair would be straight, but its natural inclination to be wavy would soon take over as the day wore on. Thanks for helping me to remember.